For a list of visit options, click here:  SERVICES AND FEES

Although it is not necessary, you can download and fill out these forms prior to your visit if you prefer. If you are not sure which form(s) to use, please ask.  In general, you will need to fill out an intake form appropriate for your visit as well as an Informed Consent/HIPAA form.  Some forms are Adobe fill-in enabled, so you may be able to complete most of the form electronically and save it on your computer.  Feel free to email the completed form to me at in advance of your visit.   If there is no link, the form is not yet available for download.

HIPAA and consent to release information – all visits

LACTATION CONSULTATION INTAKE FORM  – full consult visit (single baby) – most clients will use this form


Brief medical history – return-to-work, family support visit

RELACTATION CONSULT INTAKE FORM  – induced lactation/relactation visit form for mothers who have stopped or greatly reduced breastfeeding or pumping and wish to re-start lactation.

Prenatal Consult Intake Form – prenatal consult



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