Services and fees


Please note: there is an additional time/travel fee of $25 added to the visit cost if you are located >15 miles from Pottstown, PA.  Typically, I will do home visits in north Chester County, eastern Montgomery County, western Berks county and southern Lehigh and Northampton counties.  I will also do office visits at The Growing Place in Emmaus, PA, based on availability. For specific questions about my service area, please contact me.

Aetna health insurance subscribers – I am in-network!  Ask me about coverage for your visit fees. 

Additional fees for weekends and late night appointments may apply.

Many visit forms can be found here if you want to download and fill them out ahead of time.  Click here for what to expect during a visit and how to prepare for your consult.

Full Lactation Consultation – $175 

This is the visit you should request if you are having breastfeeding problems or concerns.  Relevant  medical history, breast examination, infant feeding evaluation and weight check, individualized care plan, physician post-visit report and limited followup are typically included in this type of visit.  Note:  Consults for twins, triplets (or more) have an additional fee of $50 for each additional baby (evaluation of one baby is included in the visit fee above) and will likely take longer than a singleton visit.  Example:  Visit fee for twins is $225.  

Lactation Consultation Follow-Up Visits  – $80

Approximately 1 month of followup via phone or email is included in your Full Lactation Consultation Visit.  If you need more intensive followup via an in-person visit for the same or related issue, this is the type of visit you need to schedule.  The visit will usually be shorter than a full consult and may include review and readjustment of care plan, feeding evaluation and weight check (if needed), and physician post-visit report.  If  the visit is needed for a new issue, or many months have passed since your initial visit, a full lactation consultation may be needed.

Post-Partum Family Support Visit  – $160

This is the visit you should request if you just want a touch point so that you know things are going OK and would like some advice or help in integrating your new baby into your family.  This is especially helpful for first-time parents, but can also be great for families with toddlers and other children who need help integrating an new baby into the current family dynamic.  This is a design-your-own visit and can include: breastfeeding check-in and Q&A, parenting task support, family balance counseling.  Specialized cloth diapering or babywearing instructional sessions are also available.  Typically a history, physical, newborn examination, full feeding evaluation are not part of this visit.  If you are having specific difficulties, it is best to schedule a full consultation.

Return-to-work Consultation – $130 

In-depth information and counseling session for breastfeeding mothers returning to (or beginning) work outside the home.  Pump assembly and use instructions,  milk storage guidelines, pump check, general advice and Q&A time may be included in this session.  Note: history and physical exam and infant feeding evaluations are not included as part of the return-to-work consultation.  If you have specific breastfeeding problems or concerns, you should schedule a full consultation.

Relactation/Induced Lactation Visit – $175 

Sometimes mothers choose to induce lactation (produce breastmilk without a pregnancy) or relactate (produce breastmilk after a period of no breastfeeding) for various reasons.  This visit will include intensive instruction on options and methods for induced lactation/relactation, pump assembly and use training.   Discussion of helping a non-latching baby returning to breast may be part of relactation consult, if desired, but a full infant evaluation would typically require a separate full lactation consultation visit.  Two (2) months of followup via phone or email are also included as part of the extended care plan that will be needed with this type of visit.

Weaning Consult – $80 

Mothers choose to wean their infants or toddlers for various reasons. Sometimes a mother needs to suddenly wean a young infant, and other times mothers need help with how to slowly and gently wean an older baby.  Support during the weaning process can be essential as mother and baby adjust to this new phase in their relationship.  Visit is tailored to the needs of the breastfeeding dyad and can include: discussion of alternative options, weaning care plan, breast care instructions, suggestions for minimizing the effect on both mother and baby.

Private or semi-private breastfeeding classes  – $175 (+  $25 for each additional mother, up to 3 per session; partners welcome) – 2-hour class.  Special classes available for moms of multiples!

For new or expectant mothers.  During your pregnancy is the best time to learn all that you can about breastfeeding and what to expect, but sometimes as a new mother you may have questions and realize that you could benefit from getting more (or more accurate!) information.  An overview of breastfeeding principles, what to expect, instructions, and a chance for individualized Q&A are included in this class.  Note: history and physical exam and infant feeding evaluations are not part of breastfeeding classes.  Schedule a full consult if you have having difficulties.  Gift certificates available – a great gift for expectant moms!

Group Breastfeeding Classes (length of time and fees vary)

I  can come to your location to give group classes for expecting or new mothers.   Great for physician offices or mother’s groups.  Call or email for details on pricing and location options.  I also have classes at The Growing Place in Emmaus, PA.  Check their website for class schedule and openings.


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